Professor | Mineral & Waste Processing

Extraordinary Professor

Extraordinary Associate Professor

Extraordinary Professor

Distinguished Professor | Extractive metallurgy, metal recycling & machine learning

Professor | Separations Technology & Water Treatment

Professor | Bioresources, waste valorisation, biorefineries & biomaterials

Senior Lecturer | Thermodynamic modelling, thermophysical property measurement & machine learning

Postgraduate & Research Manager

Junior Lecturer | Thermodynamics & low pressure phase-equilibria

Bioresource Engineering, Process development & Exergy-based methods

Dept. Chairman | Professor | Hydrometallurgy, metal recycling & process modelling

Supply Chain Optimization of Alternative Energy generation

Extraordinary Professor

Prospective Student Enquiries

Bioprocess Engineering & Life-cycle assessment

Associate Professor | Biorefineries, Bio-feedstock valorisation & Water-energy-food nexus

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Distinguished Professor | Biorefineries, techno-economics & bioprocessing

Extraordinary Associate Professor

Faculty Secretary

Emeritus Professor

Extraordinary Professor

Associate Professor | Process modelling & monitoring

Bioprocess Engineering

Junior Lecturer | Bioresources, photocatalysis & coal gasification

Junior Lecturer | High pressure equilibria & supercritical fractionation

Professor | Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemical Separation Technologies

Extraordinary Professor

Postdoctoral Fellow

Associate Professor | Water/wastewater treatment & reuse & membrane technology

Associate Professor | Biofuels, bioreactors & waste beneficiation

Extraordinary Associate Professor | Numerical & computational modelling of multiphysics phenomena in pyrometallurgy

Professor | Thermodynamics & separations at high & low pressures

Thermodynamic Modelling, Green Chemistry & CO2 Capture

Prospective Undergraduate Student Liaison & Marketing

Undergraduate Officer

Senior Lecturer | Geometallurgy, Electrochemistry/Electrometallurgy, Tailings Management & Processing


Postdoctoral Fellow

Prospective undergraduate student communication

Extraordinary Professor

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Associate Professor | Fermentation systems, Bioprocess development & Bioenergy from waste

Lecturer | Hydrometallurgy, PGM recovery & metals recycling