Bioresource Engineering

The Bioresource Engineering group is large, diverse and ambitious and includes dynamic researchers who are working to find solutions for some of the big and pressing questions that society needs to address in our lifetimes. To ensure a sustainable future our biological resources need to be used optimally, and the Chemical and Process Engineer’s role is central to developing industrial processes that are safe, sustainable and profitable. The group’s research therefore revolves around the use of biological resources in the development of production processes, and can be subdivided into two classes: processes that employ biological resources (e.g. live organisms like yeasts or bacteria, or active biological molecules like enzymes) to transform raw materials into valuable products, or production processes that use biological raw materials as inputs.

There is a strong interdisciplinary focus within the group, and frequent collaboration occurs with other disciplines at Stellenbosch University and with leading foreign institutions. Specialist skills from other research groups within our own Department are also regularly employed to enhance the quality of research outputs. There are a number of exciting current research projects, and expansion into new fields is anticipated.

The researchers listed below all form part of the Bioresource Engineering group. Follow the link to their individual profiles to find out more about their research interests and activities.


Prof Annie Chimphango
Associate Professor
Dr Neill Goosen
Dir: ARUA Centre of Excellence in Energy | Senior lecturer
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Dr Tobi Louw
Senior Lecturer
Prof Sampson Mamphweli
Dir: Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies | Professor
Mr Zwonaka Mapholi
Junior Lecturer
Dr Robbie Pott
Senior Lecturer
Dr Eugéne van Rensburg
Senior Lecturer