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Prof Percy van der Gryp
Associate Professor

Short Bio

Prof van der Gryp is a professional registered chemical engineer and rated by the South African National Research Foundation as a young upcoming researcher. He joined the Department of Process Engineering in 2013. His research expertise includes reaction engineering, process simulation and membrane technology. He teaches chemical reaction engineering and has received several prestigious teaching awards.

Research Interests

Prof van der Gryp’s research focus is on development of reaction engineering and membrane technology. He mainly focuses on upgrading low-value chemicals or waste to more value-added chemicals.

His research philosophy is based on three pillars. Firstly, to elucidate the overall process via simulating and/or modelling as a tool for ascertaining economical feasibilities. Secondly, to determine the feasibility and competitive advantages from an economical viewpoint of the separation and reaction technologies. Thirdly, his main focus is to describe the membrane separation and reaction kinetic from fundamental principles. He therefore, applied these three pillars in all of his projects.

Percy is/was involved with projects related to the fields of petrochemical, mineral processing, waste tyre, biofuels and hydrogen production.

Selected Publications

D.W. Edwards, B. Danon, P van der Gryp, J.F. Görgens, 2016.Quantifying and comparing the selectivity for crosslink scission in mechanical and mechanochemicaldevulcanization processes.

Journal of Applied Polymer Science. 43932: 1-10.

N.M. Mkhize,P. van der Gryp, B. Danon, J.F. Görgens, 2016. Effect of temperature and heating rate on limonene production from waste tyre pyrolysis.

Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis. 120: 314-320.

J.I. du Toit, P. van der Gryp, M.M. Loock, T.T. Tole, S. Marx, J.H.L. Jordaan, H.C.M. Vosloo, 2016.Industrial viability of homogeneous alkene metathesis: beneficiation of Linear Alpha Olefins with the diphenylsubstitutedpyridinylalcoholato ruthenium carbeneprecatalyst.

Catalysis Today, 275: 191-200.

  1. Danon, P. van der Gryp, C.E. Schwarz, J.F. Görgens, 2015. A review of dipentene (dl-limonene) production from waste tire pyrolysis.

Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 112: 1-13.

  1. Danon, N.M. Mkhize, P. van der Gryp, J.F. Görgens, 2015. Combined model-free and model-based devolatilisation kinetics of rubbers.

ThermochimicaActa, 601: 45–53.

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C Schabort, A Otto, MBothma, P van der Gryp and S Marx, 2013. Recovery of water from cacti for use in small farming communities.

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P van der Gryp, S Marx and H.C.M. Vosloo, 2012. Experimental and reaction kinetic investigation of 1-octene metathesis reaction with Hoveyda-Grubbs first generation precatalyst.

Journal of International Chemical Reactor Engineering. 10(1): ISSN (Online) 1542-6580, DOI: 10.1515/1542-6580.2771.

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Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 355:85-95.

P van der Gryp, A Barnard, J.P. Cronje, D de Vlieger, S Marx and H.C.M. Vosloo, 2010. Separation of different metathesis Grubbs-type catalysts using organic solvent nanofiltration.

Journal of Membrane Science, 353(1-2):70-77.

S Marx, P van der Gryp, H.W.J.P. Neomagus, K. Keizer, R.C Everson, 2002. Pervaporation separation of methanol-MTBE with commercial polymeric membranes.

Journal of Membrane Science, 209(2):353-362.


Chemical Engineering (3rd Year) (Reaction Engineering 1)
Chemical Engineering (3rd Year) (Reaction Engineering 2)